Design Thinking Advocates

Inspire Your Team To Become Design Thinking Advocates Ready for Action

This group training workshop is designed to help your team appreciate Design Thinking and how to apply it in your unique context and industry.

  • Format: Remote or In-person
  • Max Group Size: ≈10 participants
  • Duration: 1 Day
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    Workshop Summary

    Regardless of how competent you are as a Design Thinker, you will never succeed without the buy-in and support of your team and / or stakeholders.

    Design Thinking Advocates will help your team appreciate the practical benefits and uses of Design Thinking in terms that are meaningful to them.

    We’ll equip your team with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of Design Thinking through the following key components:

    1. Foundational Principles
      We will break down Design Thinking to its fundamental principles, ensuring a solid grasp of its core concepts.
    2. Comparative Analysis
      By comparing Design Thinking with other problem-solving frameworks, participants will gain a broader perspective on its unique advantages.
    3. Real-world Case Studies
      Through discussion of various case studies, we will explore the practical applications and impacts of Design Thinking in different contexts.
    4. Interactive Exercises
      Hands-on exercises will help embed the core principles of Design Thinking, making them accessible and actionable for your team.
    5. Future Potential
      We will discuss the value of Design Thinking as a versatile skill, particularly its relevance and benefits for students and emerging professionals.

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