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How to talk business & influence stakeholders to make better digital products

Grasp essential business concepts to align design with organizational goals, master advanced techniques for managing and engaging stakeholders, and wield storytelling as a tool for influence.

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The Curriculum

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This course is a comprehensive journey into the intersection of business acumen and stakeholder management tailored specifically for UX professionals.

Part 1: UX-Business Intersection

This module sets the foundation. It helps you understand where UX fits within the business context and why it’s essential.

It lays the groundwork for recognizing the mutual benefits of aligning UX strategies with business goals, which is crucial for the more advanced concepts introduced in later modules.

Part 2: Business Acumen for UX Professionals

Building on the foundational understanding of business and UX’s role, this module enhances your ability to think strategically.

It provides tools for aligning UX with broader business strategies and understanding the market in which your organization operates.

This strategic thinking is critical for effectively engaging and influencing stakeholders, which is the focus of the next modules.

Part 3: Advanced Stakeholder Management I

Part 4: Advanced Stakeholder Management II

This module builds directly on the understanding and empathy developed in Module 3. With a deeper understanding of stakeholders, you’ll now focus on actively engaging and influencing these individuals or groups.

The skills developed here are crucial for advocating for UX initiatives and will be further enhanced by the ability to demonstrate value and communicate effectively, as taught in the following modules.

Part 5: Proving UX Value through Business Metrics

This module leverages the strategic, empathetic, and influential groundwork laid in previous modules.

It focuses on quantifying and communicating the value of UX in terms that stakeholders and business leaders understand and care about.

The ability to demonstrate value is crucial for gaining support and is a powerful tool in the UX professional’s toolkit, enhancing the effectiveness of the engagement and influence strategies learned earlier.

Part 6: Storytelling & Presentation Skills

This module ties together all the previous learning. Storytelling and presentation are the ultimate tools for synthesizing business acumen, strategic thinking, stakeholder understanding, influence tactics, and the ability to demonstrate value into a compelling package.

This module ensures that you can effectively communicate the full spectrum of your UX work and its impact on the business, completing the transformation from a UX professional to a UX leader.

Capstone Project – Synthesis and Application

This final module is dedicated to the capstone project, where you’ll apply everything you’ve learned to a real-world or hypothetical scenario.

You’ll tackle a comprehensive UX problem, considering business implications, engaging stakeholders, and employing storytelling to present a compelling narrative of your solutions.

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You’ll learn a range of transferable skills that will increase your effectiveness in day-to-day work and life. You’ll become an expert in the business side of UX Design and innovation strategies.

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