Design Thinking Culture

Envision and Design Your Workplace Culture for Innovation Success

This workshop is designed to help you and your team envision and create a workplace culture that fosters successful innovation.

  • Format: Remote or In-person
  • Max Group Size: ≈10 participants
  • Duration: 1 Day
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    Workshop Summary

    The Design Thinking Culture workshop brings your team together to design the ideal workplace culture centered around innovation.

    Through collaborative activities, you will develop a shared vision, identify key practices, and establish guiding principles and values to ensure your team thrives in a culture of innovation.

    By examining successful innovation cultures, discussing your team’s vision, and developing practical rituals and practices, you will lay the foundation for a thriving, innovative environment.

    We will guide your team through the following key components:

    • Innovation Culture Examples: Explore examples of successful innovation team cultures and practices to inspire your vision.
    • Vision Development: Collaboratively discuss and create a vision for the innovative team you aspire to become.
    • Process and Practice Ideation: Generate ideas for processes, practices, rituals, and ceremonies that will support your vision.
    • Guiding Principles and Values: Agree on a set of guiding principles and values that will shape your workplace culture.
    • Team Building Exercises: Participate in activities that strengthen team bonds and reinforce the newly established culture.
    • Commitment and Discussion: Conclude with a discussion to commit to realizing your vision and supporting the innovative culture.

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