Design Thinking Culture

Envision and Design Your Workplace Culture for Innovation Success

This workshop is designed to help you and your team envision and create a workplace culture that fosters successful innovation.

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  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Format: Remote or In-person
  • Max Group Size: 10 participants

Workshop Summary

The Design Thinking Culture workshop brings your team together to design the ideal workplace culture centered around innovation.

Through collaborative activities, you will develop a shared vision, identify key practices, and establish guiding principles and values to ensure your team thrives in a culture of innovation.

By examining successful innovation cultures, discussing your team’s vision, and developing practical rituals and practices, you will lay the foundation for a thriving, innovative environment.

We will guide your team through the following key components:

  • Innovation Culture Examples: Explore examples of successful innovation team cultures and practices to inspire your vision.
  • Vision Development: Collaboratively discuss and create a vision for the innovative team you aspire to become.
  • Process and Practice Ideation: Generate ideas for processes, practices, rituals, and ceremonies that will support your vision.
  • Guiding Principles and Values: Agree on a set of guiding principles and values that will shape your workplace culture.
  • Team Building Exercises: Participate in activities that strengthen team bonds and reinforce the newly established culture.
  • Commitment and Discussion: Conclude with a discussion to commit to realizing your vision and supporting the innovative culture.

Benefits for Your Team

  • Unified Vision: Develop a shared vision for your team’s innovative culture.
  • Practical Practices: Identify and implement key processes, rituals, and ceremonies to support innovation.
  • Guiding Principles: Establish a set of principles and values that will guide your team’s collaboration and work.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Strengthen team bonds through interactive exercises and discussions.
  • Inspired Motivation: Leave the workshop motivated and committed to fostering a culture of innovation.

By the end of this workshop, your team will have a newfound appreciation for Design Thinking and a clear vision of how it can be applied to benefit them and your organization.

Our Process

  1. Initial Consultation:
    • Contact Us: Reach out to discuss your team’s goals and challenges. Our experts will advise on the most suitable workshops to achieve these goals.
    • Tailored Approach: We customize each workshop to address the specific needs of your group.
  2. Pre-Workshop Research:
    • Team Surveys: Before every workshop, we conduct surveys with your team to gain a deeper understanding of their current state, challenges, and potential opportunities.
    • Manager Review: We review the results of this research with your team’s manager to gather insights that will help us design effective workshops.
  3. Customized Training Program:
    • Design Thinking Methodology: We use the Design Thinking approach to create a training program tailored to your team’s unique needs. This ensures that our workshops are not only relevant but also highly impactful.
    • Itemized Proposal: We will provide a detailed proposal for the training program, including the workshops we recommend. The proposal is itemized, allowing the manager to review and adjust it according to their needs and budget.

By following this process, we ensure that each workshop is specifically designed to meet your team’s goals, providing maximum value and fostering a deeper understanding and application of Design Thinking principles.

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