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“Design-driven organizations outperformed the S&P Index by 219% over a decade. We’ll teach your team the skills they need to join this group of world-class professionals.”

Jack O’Donoghue

Innovation Director @ Make:Iterate

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We have over a decade of experience leading innovation projects for global brands.


  • Understand Patient Perspectives
  • Collaborate Effectively
  • Identify Process Enhancements
  • Inspire Confident Leadership
  • Strive for Quality Care
  • Build Adaptability

We’re trusted by over 30,000 world-class design teams and innovators.

The Workshop Agenda

“Design thinking in healthcare is about putting the patient at the center of our innovations. It’s a way for us to step into our patients’ shoes, understand their experiences deeply, and use those insights to drive improvements in our services.”

Jack O’Donoghue

Innovation Director @ Make:Iterate

How it works

“Design thinking is more than just a product enhancement tool; it’s a cultural force, with 71% of companies reporting a significant improvement in their working culture.” – Design Thinking Today

Bonus Features

“Customer-centric practices don’t just create products and services; they build loyalty. Design-led firms see higher customer satisfaction and an increase in market share.” – Adobe

We’re Experts

“Mastering design thinking isn’t a solo journey. Half of design-led organizations credit their expertise to learning from coaches, agencies, or academic institutions.” – Parsons School of Design

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Design Thinking Training for Healthcare Teams

Unlock your teams potential with skills that can be applied on a daily basis to achieve better patient outcomes through increased efficiency, quality and effectiveness.

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“Innovation speed and cost-efficiency are hallmarks of design thinking companies, with product development times and alignment costs cut by 75%, resulting in significant savings and increased profits.” – Forrester

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you tailor the workshop to my specific needs? 
How many people can attend the workshop?  
How effective are Remote Design Thinking Workshops?
Can we modify the duration of the training? 
How competent will my team be after the workshop?
How do you keep people engaged throughout the workshop?
What tools are used during the online workshops?
What is design thinking in healthcare?
How can health design thinking improve our services? 
What is a design sprint in a healthcare context? 
Can I find design thinking research on Google Scholar? 
What does human-centered design mean for healthcare organizations? 
How can Bon Ku’s work at Thomas Jefferson University inform our practice? 
What role does the Smithsonian Design Museum play in health design? 
Can design thinking enhance the patient experience in our clinic? 
How does the Mayo Clinic use the design thinking process? 
What is the Health Design Lab? 
How can design thinking address complex problems in the emergency room? 
How can I integrate the design thinking approach into my healthcare system? 

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