7 Strategies For Designers Who Want To Become Leads

Get 19 pages of actionable tips and templates to equip you for your adventure to becoming a highly effective design lead.

  • The truth about imposter syndrome.
  • How to nail presentations before you even share your screen.
  • How to make quick decisions on the spot.
  • How to do things you have zero experience in.

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“A simple book but it challenged my preconceived notions about leadership in design. Thanks.”
Jordan, UI Designer

“I appreciate the genuine heartfelt lessons. This is advice you’d get over drinks at a Xmas party.”
Ricardo, Lead UX Designer

“Thanks to your tip on lobbying stakeholders, my presentations have been much more effective.
Juan, UX/UI Designer

“You gave me permission to lead. It’s already made a difference in my work.”
Rowan, UX Designer

“I’ve been scared to facilitate, but your guidance gave me the push to try.
Nadia, Product Designer

“I was stuck in a rut but the templates encouraged me to try new things.”
David, Design Ops Lead

“I never realized how much my lack of confidence was holding me back until I read this book.”
Samantha, Senior UX Designer

“Your encouragement gave me the kick I needed to start taking charge of my career. Can’t thank you enough.”
Antoine, Junior Product Designer

“I implemented the idea on decision-making and I’m already feeling more comfortable.
Jasmine, Senior Product Designer